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Experienced Construction Contracting

Here at Jefferson Asphalt Products, we go above and beyond just paving. We set a high standard for ourselves when it comes to our final products, and in order to meet that high standard, we created Jefferson Contracting.

Jefferson Contracting is a wing of our company that ensures we remain at the forefront of industry-leading service. We perform entire site-packages, including:
● Excavation
● Grading
● Placing Stone Bases
● Paving
● Installing Storm & Sanitary Sewers
● Installing Waterlines
● Supplying Fill Material (Shale)


One of the key services we provide is excavation. We use our state-of-the-art equipment to transfer large loads of dirt and soil so that we can prepare the land for asphalt.


Grading is used to either level out or slope a landscape, and is a crucial step before and after asphalt is laid. It ensures water is properly drained away from your home, building, street, or parking lot.


Our efficient and trustworthy equipment will take care of all of your logistical hauling needs. We haul stone, slate, sand, asphalt, and topsoil to make way for our asphalt services!

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